Listen: Lissy Trullie: Boy Boy by Cass Bird

. Friday, May 8, 2009

Directed by the brilliant Cass Bird.

Cameos by Chloe Sevigny, Jen Brill, Harley Viera Newton, and Sophomore's Chrissie Miller.

Via Stereogum.


Eduardo Miguel said...

Olá! I found its by chance blog in net and I got passionate myself for the subjects and postadas photos, good taste in chance to learn for that I eat I without any experience or school, of the nothing started to transform garbage into art and finds in its articles a source of research, one looked at in my works and sees what it finds, confers with its proper eyes what I delayed 38 years to accept, the fact of that had a vein artist of which it would have to use to advantage to produce or would go to never finish dying of frustration for attemped you it!
It sees if I made when releasing everything well to invest exactly without nehum knowledge in that it has been my project of life, confers everything! until posts older so that it has general notion and please gives its opnião or leaves commentary… thanks a lot for the attention and it forgives me for the bother, congratulations for blog and quality of all, a great one I hug of Brazil.

switch-smith said...

Thank you Eduardo, thanks for your kind words.

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