Spaces: Wonderwall's subtle surrealism in Ogilvy & Mather: Tokyo

. Thursday, October 22, 2009

"These offices are located on the 25th of a large office building. A great view of the Tokyo landscape is incorporated into a common space connecting each division which can be used as a lounge, with a variety of randomly placed chairs."

The Tokyo offices of Ogilvy & Mather is a Wonderwall play of contrasts. It begins with the graphic and linear entrance, with a similar themed carpet to lead you into the reception area, a virtual lightbox featuring a lozenge shaped desk opposite a green biomorphic Isamu Noguchi Cloud sofa and ottoman. You are then led into a conference space by a path of large sculpted ceiling lights. The common area overlooking the Tokyo skyline is filled with Pop-era surrealism: Gaetano Pesce La Mamma chair and ottoman by B&B Italia, Achille Castiglioni tractor seat stools by Zanotta, giant foot chairs (the designer escapes me at the moment, my apologies), and contemporary Philippe Starck La Marie chairs. Hallways are lined with sculpted wall lights. The smaller rooms contrast the larger spaces by sometimes utilizing more traditional wainscoting or large and elaborate crystal chandeliers. The seating is a mix of Emeco Navy Chairs and Eames DCM chairs. The result is a subtle but profound surrealist aesthetic that only Wonderwall could create.

Photos by Kozo Takayama.

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