Creative Spaces: The Studio of Alvar Aalto

. Monday, November 23, 2009

Apartment Therapy takes a look inside Alvar Aalto's design office, a nice follow up to the earlier feature on his home.

"Like his home, the Atelier facade is nearly windowless and quite plain. The majority of windows are on the rear and sides of the building where they can take full advantage of the limited (in winter) Finnish sunlight.

Upon entrance, the building is home to the office of the Alvar Aalto Foundation, the Alvar Aalto Academy and the Alvar Aalto Museum Architectural Heritage. The foundation maintains both the home at Riihitie 20 and this studio building. The majority of the space that is open for touring is the second floor office and meeting space.

The office include a large group drafting room, a small private conference room and a large studio space that was the private office Alvar Aalto."

Click here to see the full feature.


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