Listen: New from The Knife: Colouring Of Pigeons

. Thursday, January 7, 2010

"While other bands pen pop ditties and fuss about their haircuts, avant garde siblings The Knife are writing electro-operas based on Charles Darwin's "On The Origin Of The Species" , attending field recording workshops in the Amazon and cultivating a "positive respectless approach" to songwriting. Does your head hurt yet?

For the less cerebral among us relieve the plain with a new eleven minute track, "Colouring Of Pigeons", taken from a forthcoming double album titled "Tomorrow, In A Year" - a studio version of the work they penned for a Danish theatre production of the same name.

If "Pigeons" is any indication a less electronic Knife are no less weird, mind-expanding or singular in their pursuit of transcendent alien mating calls, murky theatrics and magic. This time round there's just a few more Operatic flourishes and that is most definitely a good thing. "

Via Pedestrian.

Also below is their classic Heartbeats, and Jose Gonzales' incredibly beautiful acoustic cover of it.


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