Listen: Origamibiro

. Sunday, February 7, 2010

Origamibiro is the pseudonym of Nottingham based musician and producer, Thomas Hill. 

From Expanding Records Press Release:

"His debut with Expanding Records, 'Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks', saw Tom shift away from his beat driven method of synthetic sound-design to sculpt an album of interlacing classical guitar-part harmonies and textural samples - including the creaks of chairs and all the knocks, scrapes, bumps and other by-products that come with playing a wooden instrument. 

The result is an intimate and delicate, broken, organic sound that is both hauntingly vivid and atmospheric, whilst managing to retain some of those glitchy electronic characteristics that earned Wauvenfold its reputation among the likes of Björk, Super Furry Animals and John Peel himself."

Nicely crafted music, here's a great video of a live performance:

Via howtomakeababyelephantfloat


david john said...

beautiful music for a sunday morning.

thank you!

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