Fresh Finds: Charles + Ray Eames, Harvey Guzzini, + More

. Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Eames sideshell in rich raw umber fiberglass, finished with a polished
LaFonda base designed in collaboration with Alexander Girard.

An ingenious table lamp by Harvey Guzzini comprised of 2
glowing half-spheres, spaced slightly
apart to allow crisp white light to escape
from within.

This fine Italian modernist pendant lamp features an opposing pair of
saucer shaped perspex discs. Between the discs is an enameled steel
strip mounted on brass posts. This design is a likely variant of Sarfatti's
perspex pendant lamps model 2065 (1953) and 2070 (1959).

A modernist sculpture composed of brushed and polished aluminum,
and featuring 3 figures holding a central sphere. Not signed, artist unknown.

Sleek, lightweight, and compact Italian folding chairs. The A-frame
and caned seats recall the 1966 Trieste chair designed by Angelo Jacober
in collaboration with Pierangela d'Aniello.

All via Modern Love.


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