Spotlight: Brandon Shigeta: Skate + Destroy Exhibition

. Monday, March 1, 2010

Though the concept of recycling old skate decks into art has been around for a while, Brandon Shigeta elevates the concept to a  completely whole new level. Rendering 3 dimensional sculptures by fusing multiple layers of old decks, and incorporating the broken edges as sculptural elements, his pieces display an exceptional level of creativity, craftsmanship, and polish seldom seen in skate art.  He is one to watch.

My favorite piece is his interpretation of Santa Cruz's iconic 1985 Screaming Hand.  

These photos are from Shigeta's recent exhibit at the PLSMIS Gallery in Tokyo. More photos can be found on his Flikr.

"Skateboard decks find that they go through short and abusive life cycles as fanatical skateboarders repeatedly perform tricks in tough environments. These decks end up fraying, cracking and wearing out rather quickly which consequently results in skateboarders going through an abundance of them in their skateboarding careers.

As new skateboarding decks are purchased, older decks end up either collecting dust in skateboarders’ basements or are thrown away. Thus, haroshi’s HARVEST project was spawned which recycles used skateboard decks to produce dazzling pop artwork. As a former skater, haroshi’s guiding philosophy is to embrace sustainability through finding new applications for used possessions."

Via Vidafine


Caio Fernandes said...

these woks are really fantastic .

i want so much to have all then now !!

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