Dace's FW 2010 Video in Arthur Erickson's 1965 Baldwin House

. Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wow, that was beautiful. Great work Dace Moore, great work.

A keen observer recognized the featured home as Aurthur Erickson's Modernist masterpiece, the Baldwin House (thanks Stuart!). For more photos of the Baldwin house, check out elsbro's Flickr.

Music: 'Duo' by Lili
Co-directed by: Andre Pinces and Ryan Rey
Edited by: Ryan Savella
Styling: Tanus Lewis
Hair by: Tania Becker
Makeup by: Marlayna Pincott

Via Dace, and howtomakeababyelephantfloat.


Stuart said...

Outstanding mood.

For those interested, i believe that the house featured, is the Baldwin House, designed by Aurthur Erickson.

switch-smith said...

Rad! I'll update the post, thanks.

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