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. Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The beautiful light-filled home of photographer Jonas Ingerstedts, where he lives with his wife Cattis Aronsson and their 6 year old son Herman.  Filled with classic modernist designs by Poul Kjaerholm, Achille and Pierro Castiglioni, Poul Henningsen, and Hans Wegner, each piece is carefully selected using Ingerstedts' photographic sensibility.  The result is a home that is all at once sleek, chic, light, and relaxed.

From an interview with Hus & Hem (translated from Swedish):

Describe your style at home.
It's tight and light with Scandinavian furniture that feels like they are floating, because I have a problem with massive, heavy things that fill the room. Therefore, it has become very Danish design, such as Poul Kjærholm chair "PK 22". It is a good example of a light piece of furniture with plenty of air below.

You are a photographer - it affects the way you decorate?
As a photographer has an eye for form and aesthetics, so it has certainly affected. You see what works together. I have mainly been working with advertising and fashion, but have always been interested in furniture, architecture and interior plates and today I am also very fitting.

What has changed in the time you lived here?
We have gone over all the finishes and painted walls, ceilings and woodwork in the snow-white. In addition, we sanded the oak parquet flooring and white oil. In the kitchen, a small working kitchen, would not feel trapped so we took down a small wall into the dining room. There is now an airy shelf where you can reach china and other things from both sides, which is quite convenient.

How do you plan around the color scheme?
It was obvious to choose the white walls. To get a line of colors so we used the same gray color as the sliding doors. Closet doors have the same surface, scrub oak, which the woodwork in the hallway and bathroom. Even the floors have a sense of carved oak and they are consistently in the whole apartment. It is quiet and neutral when everything matters.

Who are some favorite designers.
Kjaerholm is a clear favorite and it is visible enough at home. His stuff seems very simple, but is in fact often complex in their design. His paintings have that facilitate the expression that I like and is also made of very good material. Pierro Castiglioni is another exciting designers, his industrial-inspired lamps, I like.

See the full feature here.

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