Spotlight: Bryan Christiansen's Trophy Hunter

. Saturday, June 5, 2010

"The basic idea here is great: Christiansen treats 'discarded household furniture that he finds in neglected urban areas' as rare animals found on a hunt.

He skins them, mounts their resulting pelts on the wall, and then digs through the cracks, stuffing, folds, and hollows to store whatever lost objects remain.

The furniture that is thus skinned and gutted is then reassembled into totemic animal forms, like some strange new shamanism of couches. These creatures now stand alert throughout the gallery space, their bodies ingenious reconfigurations of wooden legs, springs, and seat frames.

.... there is also an eye-opening candor in Christiansen's recognition that many of these furnishings were wearing animal skin in the first place: leather couches and den chairs and more all already surfaced in the flesh of living creatures. The hunt analogy is both artistically inspired and materially appropriate.

A brilliant concept, and particularly compelling to those of us in the vintage trade.

Thanks Kory for the link.

Via BLDG BLOG, and the Nevada Museum of Art.


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