Fresh Finds: Extremely Rare Eames Splints made by Artek-Pascoe

. Thursday, July 1, 2010

Extremely rare examples of the Eames seminal design, the molded plywood leg splint. These 5 splints are the only known examples to have been produced by Alvar and Aaino Aalto's company, Artek-Pascoe. Prior to the discovery of these splints, the only manufacturer associated with splint production was California-based Evans Products Company, producing them for the American war effort from 1943-1945.  These splints were recovered in Broadway, New Jersey, where in nearby Manhattan, the Aaltos' opened the first Artek-Pascoe showroom in 1940. Original Artek-Pascoe wrapping remains partially intact.  This intriguing and important set of splints represents the only known collaboration between the Eames and the Aaltos, both pioneers in the medium of molded plywood, and both icons of the Modern Movement.

Several Eames shell chairs in rich and warm gold fiberglass.

A sleek and chic occasional table attributed to Maison Jansen.

Many more great finds to come.

All via Modern Love.


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