Listen (but not at work): Cee Lo Green: FU

. Monday, August 23, 2010

"Why is this the most instantly likable song you'll hear all year? We could point to the transparency of Cee Lo's lyrics which, while earnest in that cutesy heart on your sleeve way, never encroaches on over-sentimental whining or self righteous preaching. That's what the f-bombs are for I guess. And the accusations of gold diggery. And the pitying of fools. It's a total jaded ex-boy/girlfriend anthem in the making but refreshingly, for a song that's ostensibly about cussin' out the ones we used to love, the tone shifts towards the song's end and reads more like a self loathing "fuck me". Poor Cee Lo. Apparently an official film clip will be released soon but for now we have this simple (but effective) text-heavy rendering of the most famous two word diss in the English language."

One catchy and infectious tune, but don't get caught singing it at work.

Via pedestrian.


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