Fresh Finds: A Rare Walter N. Kraus Stool, Italian Gilt Sheaf of Wheat Tables, + A Canadian Modernist Walnut Chest

. Thursday, September 30, 2010

A rare and intriguing folded steel stool finished in brushed brass enamel. Designed by Walter N. Kraus, a manufacturing engineer who served as a tool and die maker for Aircraft Mechanics during the second World War. After the war, he founded K & S Metal Products in 1946 in his hometown of Colorado Springs, which he owned and operated until 1983.

A clear parallel can be seen in this stool to the works of Jean Prouve, in both aesthetics and use of materials, particularly in the folded steel legs that seem to echo many of Prouve's pieces. However it is not known whether Kraus was influenced, or even aware of Prouve at all. The similarities between their designs may have been purely coincidental. Nevertheless, this rare stool remains emblematic of wartime ingenuity in post-war society, which defined so much of the American Modern Movement.

A classic Sheaf of Wheat table bases in gilt steel. Despite its Italian origin, this design became the epitome of Parisian chic when both Coco Chanel (left)and Yves Saint Laurent (right) utilized similar tables in their own homes.

This fine modernist chest of drawers features louvered drawerfronts and richly pronounced walnut veneer. Designed by an unknown Canadian studio, this piece draws inspiration from both Florence Knoll's earliest casegoods designs and George Nelson's Executive Office Group.

Via Modern Love, with many more great finds to come.


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