Watch: Yves Saint Laurent: L'Amour Fou: Trailer

. Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A documentary of YSL and his partner Pierre Berge, which sets the stage for Christie's groundbreaking Berge/YSL auction (see my earlier post), where one of YSL's chairs crushed the world record of the most expensive piece of 20th Century furniture ever sold.

"Just in case the Valentino or Chanel documentaries didn't inspire you to quit your jobs in the fashion industry and go and get a real one, French filmmaker Pierre Thoretton is bringing us L’amour Fou (“mad love”); the story of Yves Saint Laurent, the hugely progressive and influential fashion designer.

The film, released September 22 in Paris, focuses on the 50 year relationship between the power house designer and Pierre Berge and delves into the intimacy behind their relationship. Aside from the gay subtext (which Thoretton has mentioned he didn’t want to focus on) and French appeal, the movie apparently is an eye opener as to how cutthroat the fashion industry can be and puts focus on the pressure designers face to maintain standards in their collections as well sustain as personal life and, if possible, a love life.

Thoretton's portrayal of the essence of the film as a love story also brings light onto Berge - Laurent's one time lover and lifelong business partner and companion who was the co-founder of Yves Saint Laurent, the fashion house. Berge described their unique relationship at Laurents' funeral: "The divorce was inevitable but the love never stopped."" -
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