Fresh Finds: A Surrealist Letter Holder, a Rare Storm Chair by Airborne, + a Table lamp in the Manner of Phillip Lloyd Powell

. Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A vintage letter holder sculpted from solid brass, and featuring 3 pairs of female legs, each slightly different than the other. An exceptional example of the Modernism's Surrealist movement, in the vein of Pedro Friedeberg, Piero Fornasetti, John Dickinson, and Meret Oppenheim.

A sleek Storm chair executed in chrome and tufted velvet. Designed by the renowned French firm Airborne, and manufactured by Arconas, who eventually purchased Airborne in the mid 1970s. Airborne's design staff included the likes of Olivier Mourgue and Pierre Guariche. The designer of the Storm series is not known.

In the manner of Phillip Lloyd Powell, a minimalist corset-shape table lamp, sculpted from solid lathe-turned walnut.

Via Modern Love, with many more great finds to come.


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