Look+Listen: Sia: I'm in Here

. Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Well done Sia and whoever directed this, it's devastatingly moving and beautifully realized." - pedestrian.

Indeed beautiful, so much so that the end literally sent chills down my spine.

Director/Editor: David Altobelli
Producer: Suzanne Joskow, Captain Blyth
Exec. Producer: Kelly Norris Sarno
Prod Co.: Symphony 19
Label: Jive/RCA
Commissioner: Max Nichols

DP: Larkin Seiple
Production Design: Jason Kisvarsay, Zoe Metrano
VFX Supervisor: Noah Rappaport
VFX Artists: Lindsey Fry, Joon S. Park
Hair/Makeup: Susie Sobol


Anonymous said...

no sound? but i copied the link and could hear it.

switch-smith said...

I found a new source, problem is fixed.

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