The Peppermill Collector

. Sunday, January 2, 2011

One of the most impressive private collections of Dansk and Danish peppermills I've ever seen.

Via teak pepper, via the brick house.

1 comments: said...

I love these pepper mills, such a beautiful range of designs!
I think that they are displayed so well, the slim steel shelving really gives a wonderful contrast to the beautiful designs in wood of the pepper mills.
I myself have a commercial website that sells collections of decorative objects, called I recently had two collections of Pepper mills, one of the collections was Pepper mills from Denmark and other North European countries, this sold immediately. The other collection, that I still have is of English and Italian Pepper mills. Whilst in design there is nothing special about these, they still have an en mass decorative appeal. Ok,all that is left is for me to thank you for your lovely blog, your new follower, John

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