Classic Spaces: Gio Ponti's Villa Arreaza

. Sunday, June 26, 2011

From an article by Dina Broadhurst:

Built in 1956 in Caracas, Venezuela, Ponti envisioned the project from start to finish in an all-encompassing fashion, from the design of the furnishings and decorative objects, down to the articles of daily use.

Architecture and landscape were integrated using his modernist principles, and the exterior became as much a feature as the interior. The façade is alive, clad in white mosaic tiles appearing like a second skin, organic and at one with nature, while being referred to by Ponti as “sitting on the hill as gently as a large butterfly”.

The interiors were arranged to appear like a house with no walls, arriving behind the entrance to a flowing landscape with different ceiling heights and foldable walls, in which a giant mobile by Alexander Calder swings gently in the breeze.

Gio Ponti's Villa Arreaza, a.k.a. Diamond House. One of his finest private residences, and a masterpiece of 20th Century Modernism.

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