Classic Spaces: A collection of 1971 interiors by Robert Harling

. Friday, December 28, 2012

A few photos from Robert Harling's 1971 Modern Furniture and Decoration, featuring a wealth of 20th Century design classics, including Kjaerholm, Panton, Castiglioni, and Sarfatti. It's really amazing how timeless these interiors are, and how current this jacket description is:  

"The contemporary revolution in interior design has a very tolerant philosophy. It accepts with delight unusual combinations of periods, motifs, products, colors, notions. An eighteenth-century commode, an Art Nouveau lampshade, a rare Benin head, a mass-produced poster—any one of these is equally likely to be placed in a room alongside a Breuer tubular chair, an Italian lamp, or a Saarinen table. Present-day designer-decorators see the whole world as a quarry from which to carry away their material. They can now choose natural wool from merino or vicuna, or synthetic fibers from the chemical engineer; steel from the mills or metallic paints; glass from the floater or blower or clear plastic from the molder. Their new ideas will appeal to the young in heart, if not in years, and give rise to a new tradition based on ingenuity and imagination. 

The rooms shown here, assembled and described by Robert Harling, Editor of House & Garden (London), come from many countries and serve many purposes. They range from one-room apartments furnished with plastic inflatable sofas to multi-purpose living-areas featuring Le Corbusier's steely reinterpretation of the traditional chaise longue. But all of them have one very important thing in common: they are rooms marked "Personal". 

Thanks to pdxmod for the scans.


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