Spaces: C/Z House: SAMI arquitectos: Pico Island, Portugal

. Friday, January 27, 2012

In the midst of a picturesque island retreat, is this bold and graphic retreat by Inês Vieira da Silva and Miguel Vieira of SAMI arquitectos. Tempering the starkness of the home's monochromatic backdrop is an impressive collection of iconic mid-century modernism in warm woods and organic forms. Works include classics by Yngve Ekström, Hans Wegner, Alvar Aalto, and Arne Jacobsen.

This house aims to overlook the various views which can be seen from the highest point of the land.

Starting from a set of separate volumes and following the adaptation of the traditional architecture to the terrain, the resulting area between the four volumes was designed as a living space, the walls of which are a continuation of the exterior façades and where only glass separates the exterior from the interior space of the home.

Depending on the prevailing wind or the desired view, the house can open out on various landscapes and its connection and permeability with the exterior is total.

Photography is by Fernando Guerra, see the full feature at Dezeen.

Look+Listen: Justice: On'n'On


Directed by Alex Courtès
Produced by DIVISION
Editing at Home Digital Pictures
Compositing & SFX by Mathematic
Label: Ed Banger Records

Via Pedestrian.

Watch: Cherry (Trailer)



By first time director Stephen Elliot. Starring Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco, Dev Patel, Heather Graham, and Lili Taylor.

Via Pedestrian.

NYTimes: The Cult of Tyler Brûlé


The New York Times recently did a great feature on Tyler Brûlé.  From growing up in a Winnipeg home filled with Danish design, to surviving a sniper attack as a journalist in war-torn Afghanistan, to his founding of the iconic design culture magazines Wallpaper* and Monocle, read how Mr. Brûlé became a global tastemaker and media powerhouse.

See the full article here.

Below, the Heritage radio by Revo that was designed for Monocle 24, a radio station founded by Tyler Brûlé.

Alexander Girard: Restless Eye


Featured on Nowness: a selection of Alexander Girard's personal photography:

The late designer Alexander Girard's evocative photographs of his wife Susan on their worldly travels captures the folk-art enthusiast's relentless hunt for inspiration.

See the feature here. Thanks Abi for the link.

Look+Listen: DJ Brace: Synesthasia

. Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking it to a whole new level, DJ Brace gives us a sample from his second album, Synesthasia.

Part of the concept for Nostomania was the idea that sound can pull up long neglected memories. Synesthasia is something like a crossed wire in the brain where one sense connects with another;
a color might have a certain smell, or maybe you can taste a sound.

Filmed and edited by Bill Acheson on Vimeo.

Synesthasia available through


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