Icons: The Matters

. Thursday, June 13, 2013

Alex Matter in an iconic advertisment for Knoll's Hardoy chair.  Herbert Matter recounts: 

I had to take pictures of the Hardoy chair and on a Saturday morning or afternoon I took my son to the studio with me because I took care of him. And so while I was preparing to shoot the chair I was looking and he started to run around the chair, pretending to be a cowboy and I just let him and took pictures. We probably never said a single word -- he just acted out a certain story he had in his mind -- so I took the pictures. At first I thought I would just use the best -- then I couldn't find them so I used as many as I could get into two pages.

Part 5 of a series of photos I will be posting (via Knoll) leading up to Fathers Day, which takes a more intimate look at the life of these design icons.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Mallory and Sarah McLellan.


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