Daily Dose: Organic Industrial

. Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tree and bird vs. Jielde lighting. Arne Jacobsen Seagull chair vs. a Friso Kramer Result chair. Juxtaposed themes harmonize in this graphic loft space, with a carefully chosen mix of organic and industrial elements.

Photo by Lerkenfeldt Photography.

Via SeeSaw.


Louise B Zastrow said...

Actually the Arne Jacobsen chair in the picture is not called the Seagull, but the Lily. He designed this chair for the Danish Nationalbank in 1970. You can find more information on www.fritzhansen.com

switch-smith said...

True, though in the secondary market (i.e. vintage) the name Seagull is what most auction houses have generally used, both in Europe and North America:





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