Icon revisited : The Eames Rocker

. Friday, February 27, 2009

The most prolific model of Charles and Ray Eames' fiberglass chairs for Herman Miller, here's a look back at some of the most amazing Eames Rockers to ever appear at auction or online.

The first photo is of an Eames rocker with a prototype base made for a 1948 MoMA competition. The pink fiberglass shell is actually of later production. The original shell was a sideshell made of stamped metal (see it here on DesignBoom).

The second rocker is an extremely rare 1st production version, with the Eames' original criss-cross strut configuration to the base. The struts were reconfigured within months of the rocker's introduction, as it was discovered that the criss-cross portion of the base would painfully pinch the sitter's achilles tendon and heels. The later reconfiguration provided proper clearance.

For some time, the rocker was given as a gift to Herman Miller employees with newborns. The third rocker shows an original brass plate, bearing the baby's name and birthday.

The last rocker is upholstered in Alexander Girard's Checkerboard fabric.

Images via Architonic, Treadway, Wright, Christies, and Modern Love.


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