Spaces: Jon Liu + Laura Rule: London

. Friday, June 12, 2009

Todd Selby visits the home of hairstylist Jon Liu and Laura Rule, art director for Another Magazine. Their collection includes a vintage deco teak bar cabinet, various vintage 70s modernist lamps, a Mark Gonzales "The Priest" Sculpture, "Joy Division" and "Blue Monday" Peter Saville commissioned skateboard decks by Supreme, and a Terry Richardson commissioned calendar also for Supreme. But it is Laura's incredible shoe collection that takes the cake.

"Jon and Laura have one of the best cars in the East End of London, a Ford Capri 1600 GT in a beautiful pearlescent baby blue. Laura also has one of the craziest shoe collections I have ever seen. She has a pair of boots from Tom Ford's last collection at Gucci, the Eiffel Tower YSL shoes and so many more.

Their home is in a refurbished factory space, there is a large open area with one private room. That room used to be their bedroom, but now it is filled with shoes! Until Laura pulled out the shoes for this shoot I do not think Jon had realized how extensive her shoe collection really was."

Via The Selby


Jill said...

Fabulous taste in shoes!

Anonymous said...

sell sup x joy division black!!!!!!!!!!!!!please

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