Spaces: Andreas Kurkulas + Maria Kokkinou: Scala Vinoteca

. Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Scala Vinoteca is a real metropolitan diamond and the newest entry into mature wining and dining. Yet not in Milan or New York, but in Athens.

With a strong resemblance to Spanish vinerias, it was two great architects, Andreas Kurkulas and Maria Kokkinou (well known for their previous work on the Benaki Museum) that gave the place –miles of miles away from maximalism- its simple character and strong attitude through the use of simple materials such as wood and aluminium.

But unarguably, it is not the Fiberglass Shell chairs by C&R Eames for Modernica that have the leading role here, although they might at first try to steal it! That belongs alone to the menu itself (very Mediterranean compiled together by Christoforos Peskias and his student, Thodoros Kyprianides) as well as to the rich wine card.

The author was unfortunately misinformed. These chairs are not Modernica reproductions, but the licensed Vitra/Eames Edition, as evidenced by the molded mounts and matte finish. The client going the extra mile (and extra dollars) for the sake of supporting the Eames family should be commended.

Photos by George Fakaros.

Via yatzer.


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