Spaces: Marcio Kogan: Volume B (vitra)

. Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To create a space in Brazil, showcasing the 20th Century's greatest masterpieces in modern furniture design, who else would you call but Marcio Kogan:

"This project is the retail furniture store Vitra located in São Paulo.

We used the materials in their extreme condition, such as visible concrete executed without any concern about precision or finishing, or the skin of the back volume where we used various layers of a steel frame which is usually used on the inside of the concrete slabs and were found at the site.

Likewise, the interior walls did not get any special finishing and still have the original chalk markings left by the workers during the construction, almost an archeological discovery. The external floor is made of pebbles which are also used to mix concrete.

Almost an x-ray of the materials.

More photos at ArchDaily.


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