Spaces: Hermann Muthesius + Thomas Andrae: Berlin

. Monday, February 15, 2010

The home of Thomas Andrae, co-owner of Cream Contemporary gallery. This turn of the century country mansion was one of 69 homes designed by diplomat and architect Hermann Muthesius, an advocate of the English Arts and Crafts movement within Germany, who subsequently influenced the pioneers of German modernism and the Bauhaus. Upon acquisition, Andrae's mission was to restore the home to its original state. Extensive restoration was undertaken, based on Andrae's research of Muthesius, and the original construction drawings found in the land registry in Berlin. The result is a poetic mix of 19th Century influenced architecture, and Andrae's own taste for 20th Century modernist furnishings and contemporary art.

My favorite part of the Andrae residence is the truly international arrangement of the collection of German modular candle holders atop a huge Jean Prouvé dining table surrounded by leather Warren Platner lounge chairs.

Via Freunde von Freunden (Friends of Friends).


Martell said...

beautiful use and design of the space

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