Spaces: Oscar Niemeyer's Strick House

. Friday, April 23, 2010

Legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer's only American residential structure, the Strick House was built for film director Joseph Strick and his wife in 1963.  It is now home to prolific Modernist collectors Michael and Gabrielle Boyd, who proceeded to turn the home into a virtual museum for the greatest works of the last century.

The classics are too many to list, but I do like the orderly nature of how the rooms tend to be furnished into regional themes (i.e. French, American, Scandinavian, etc). Also, I love the garden walkway, pure Niemeyer.

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Lindsey said...

i loooooove that door!

Alvar and I said...

Both house and collection are fabulous and featured in a very nice book by Michael Webb Modernist Paradise Niemeyer House, Boyd Collection, Rizzoli eds.

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