Nadine Strittmatter by Klaus Thymann

. Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Incredible photographs by Klaus Thymann, of Nadine Strittmatter in Shanghai. From an interview with Glass Magazine:

The London based award winning photographer and director Klaus Thymann has a unique advantage: he creates all of his shots in-camera. In an increasingly high tech and digital bound industry, his capacity to capture the final image in-camera gives his pictures a rare and tangible vitality. Thymann completely eschews retouching his images, their visual lexicon is pure, bold and unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. His meticulous eye for detail on set is refreshingly old school, creating the perfect backdrop for something magical and spontaneous to be framed in an instant. In this sense, whether it’s on location or in studio, Klaus Thymann is very much the man of the moment.

Via Thymann.


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