Interact: Welcome to Pine Point

. Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Imagine your home town never grew old. Would it be so bad?"

Click here for a beautifully produced, amazing interactive documentary that examines a town lost, but its memories never forgotten.

From NFB:

Some towns thrive and some towns fall to ruin, but a town that gets flattened to the ground and erased from the map altogether? That’s both highly unusual and exactly what happened to Pine Point, a Northwest Territories town that is the subject of a neat interactive project about memory and belonging recently launched on NFB/interactive, the Film Board’s interactive site.

The project, titled Welcome to Pine Point, was created by The Goggles (Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons), a Vancouver-based duo best known for its creative direction work at Adbusters magazine. Since its launch, the project has attracted much positive attention. Canadian novelist Douglas Coupland called it “totally brilliant”, “so thoughtful and so powerful”, while its score, penned by the Besnard Lakes received enthusiastic reviews.

Via lifetime and the globe and mail, thanks Mike for the link.


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