Spaces: Studio Arthur Casas: Casas Residence: Iporanga, São Paulo

. Monday, October 18, 2010

An amazing modernist retreat sheathed in wood and glass, located in the midst of the Brazilian jungle.  Home to its architect, Arthur Casas.

"In the form of two large symmetrical cubes supporting an open space, this house was idealized as his dream house. “I always wanted a house in the middle of the forest, in a place where I could recharge the energies”, says Arthur.

Within this context, leftover space to the addendum that most pleases him: interiors in total synergy with the exteriors, seen within a large 11 meters floor to ceiling height, with intermittent glass windows, from one edge of the façade to the other.

From walls to floor, the cumaru wood runs from top to bottom. In the ground floor, the absence of partitions potentially amplifies the integration of the ambient, such as living room that communicates both with the kitchen and with the office. All of it surrounded by a large charming terrace. Very close to it, on a well designed edge, the elevated deck functions as a belvedere to observe untouched spaces of the Atlantic Rain Forest."

Complimenting the interior are some classic pieces of 20th Century design, including works by chrome wire barstools by Harry Bertoia, Aluminum Group chairs by Charles and Ray Eames, and a rare lounge chair by Martin Eisler and Carlo Hauner.

Photos by Richard Powers, via d.a.m.


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